Thank you for visiting my website. As a Registered Psychologist since 1997, and a therapist for many years before that, it has been my pleasure to work with individuals, couples and families.


My particular areas of therapeutic focus include: recovery from historical issues (abuse, PTSD); substance use; concurrent disorders (substance use problems and mental health problems); emotional difficulties (anxiety; grief; loss; depression); life transitions (parenting, career, relationship, retirement); and chronic illness.

Just so you know, I will listen to you and support you in managing the issues that bring you to therapy. I deeply appreciate the effort and commitment people demonstrate as they work through their concerns; I consider it a privilege to assist in that process. Having had a diverse, non-traditional life it is likely I have some experience working through issues similar to yours, with clients and/or personally. I also have experience managing the impact of your own or a loved one’s profound physical illness.


Psychological/Legal Assessments

I conduct a broad variety of Psychological Assessments, including Assessments related to: family issues (access, parental capacity, s.211), PTSD (military, police), psychological profiles (legal, required).  Additionally, I am a Senior Associate with Dr. Peter Meuser & Associates. Dr. Meuser is well-known and respected for delivering thorough Forensic, Psychological, Family and Court Assessments throughout BC, the Yukon, and Haida Gwaii – http://drpetermeuser.com/